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Victoria Torok

I get a real high out of helping other people succeed. Most of the time helping other people succeed in their business is as simple as taking the knowledge and resources we uncover on our journey and passing it along to others with no strings attached. That’s what this Resource Page is all about. Whether you’re just thinking about starting a home business, or you’ve been at it a while and are still trying to figure it out (been there), I hope the information you find here makes your discovery process a little bit easier.

Education and Support

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CarbonCopyPros is a community of entrepreneurs that provides a system, and top-notch training and support to people who want to learn how to tap into the the power of the Internet, working from home, using attraction marketing. I purchased their BiB (Business in a Box) and I can tell you that it saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that I would have spent trying to figure out on-line marketing on my own. If you “get” that the Internet is a gold mine, but are scratching your head trying to figure out how, CCP is well worth looking into.

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The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing
Great info! The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing basically exposes all the myths and bad practices that cause the majority of Network Marketers to fail in their business. It completely goes against the grain of anything you’ve ever been told about network marketing before, but it all makes perfect sense.
Oh, and it’s free too!

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The Renegade Network Marketer
The Renegade Network Marketer is 142 pages of the most enlightening and eye-opening material I ever read on the subject of Network Marketing.  In fact, this is what made me start looking into Top-Tier direct sales programs. This is great information for anyone who is interested in Internet marketing – regardless of whether or not you’re in the network marketing industry.

MLM Blog Secrets
This should be called Blog Secrets – period. This is an excellent click-by-click video tutorial on how to set up a blog – THE RIGHT WAY. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be up and blogging in no time using this. He even walks you through creating your first post. I used it myself to set up my blog. If I can follow this, anyone can  - believe me.

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Natural Selling – Michael Oliver
Excellent sale training for Network Marketing and Direct Sales. His book, “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends”, ROCKS! He offers a Free Ecourse that has a ton of good information.

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The Social Ghost
I have known Andrew and Lori Osterberg for many years. They are my “go-to” source for anything on-line/internet marketing related.  The one piece of advice I would give anyone starting an on-line business is don’t try to figure it out yourself. You’ll waste valuable time and money. Take it from me – been there, done that. Go get help from experts (like Andrew and Lori) that can get you up and running quickly. You can go to their web site and get a complimentary copy of “The Roadmap to Winning the Social Game”. There is tons of useful information on their blog that is there for the taking.

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